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Studio Alexander Hinnerskov

Studio Alexander Hinnerskov is a creative practice using design to create objects for everyday use. The work of the studio is based on an intimate study of the objects that we interact with on a daily basis. Exploring design beyond function and aesthetics, the studio is driven by a curiosity of the more complex and subjective relationships that exist between objects and people.


The studio was established in 2017 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. One of the recent achievements of the design studio is a Wallpaper Design Award 2019 for the Tea Scoop from the bronze tableware collection.


Studio Alexander Hinnerskov works as a design consultancy providing services through a solid design process drawn from extensive experience with designing furniture, lighting and interiors for a variety of international clients.


Team Up // Collaboration, Business Objectives, Project Scope

Research // Ethnographic Studies, Competitor Analysis, Product Benchmarking, Materials and Production

Vision // Research Insights, Design Strategy, Product Positioning, Visual Language, Colour-Material-Finish

Generating Concepts // Ideations, Experiments, Illustrations, Visualisations, 3D Models, Mock-ups

Proof of Concept // Prototyping, Testing, User Feedback, Perceived Quality, Presentations

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